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High Pressure Manual Injection Grouting Pump

High Pressure Manual Injection PumpFor Concrete Repairs , Crack Injection, Waterproofing etc.

Euro high pressure manual injecton pump is designed to inject low viscous epoxy, PU , Acrylic resins for concrete repairs ,crack injection ,waterproofing etc.

Euro Mechanical Packers

  • Powerful and reliable .
  • Light  weight.
  • Portable and easy to handle .
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • Mounted with pressure gauge and vent valve.
  • Piston , Housing , Valve housing made up of brass.
  • Maximum pressure 100 bar.
  • Under constant upgradation there may be slight changes in original.


  1. Care should be taken while using multicomponent resins.
  2. Use before resin setting time.
  3. Clean in the pump immediately after every use.