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About us

We are one among the pioneers in the field of undertaking specialized civil engineering maintenance including structural rehabilitation, concrete repairs, runway repairs, water proofing, carbon fiber re-strengthening, injection grouting, stamped stencil concrete, steel structures, sandblasting, corrosion preventing coatings, GRC, ND testing,Epoxy Floorings, electrochemical removal of chlorides,Anti Corrosive Coatings, expansion joint stealing, foam spraying, roof insulation,swimming pool reconditioning,industrial floor coatings and screeds, sports floor applications repairs and relaying etc etc .

With an experience of more than 23 years in this fields and worked in the middle east and other countries we provide quality works with economic, simple and reliable solutions to clients.

We also manufacture and export construction tools and equipment all over the globe our products include –

injection grouting pumps, injection packers, ports, rollers, spike shoes, trowels and special purpose pumps for construction and concrete placement applications, foam spraying pumps, stencils, stamps, any other special purpose equipments for reconstruction industry to suit the clients special needs etc .

we also undertake repair, overhauling and reconditioning of injection grouting pumps and construction equipment of any make & origin.